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  • Why Sprout House LLC herbs?
    The trend of eating healthier has been on the rise over the last few years and Sprout House LLC is in the business of delivering healthy quality products to those eager to join the health movement! We understand our consumers because we are our own consumer for the products we cultivate. Our consumers are culinary chefs, health concious individuals looking for healthy products to add to to their everyday meals and individuals learning the benefits that herbs have to offer and those wanting to incorporate it into their lifestyle.
  • Our Mission to You!
    Our purpose is to grow, innovate and deliver quality products that are affordable and ready to be used.
  • Our Vision of the Future!
    As a family owned business we are already at work training our next generation with the values and knowledge that has been embedded in us from our generation before. Our roots are strong and we take pride in passing down our knowledge as expert agriculturists to our kin. We consider our employees a part of our family and we love seeing them grow with us. We sieze new adventures with our consumers and last but not least, we motivate our team to expand Sprout House LLC in new ways.
  • Our promises to You!
    We like keeping our promises around here! • We promise to innovate and deliver quality products. • We promise to encourage and motivate our Sprout House team to continue our Sprout House legacy. • We promise to pass down our knowledge and values to our next generation of growers. • We promise to accept change and blossom from it.
  • Our Voice and Personality keeps Growing!
    Our personality is out there and you can expect it to be always fresh, encouraging, innovative, flexible, dependable and dedicated. Every generation of our family brings fresh ideas to our business. We realize that our consumers needs change over time. We understand better than any of our competitors that our voice of Sprout House is what carries us into each new day. It’s important to us that our voice represents an outgoing, supportive and motivating tone. We believe in our products and we strive with our voice to portray a dependable, adaptable product.
  • Our Goals!
    We strive to provide quality service, develop innovative solutions and build honest relationships with our customers and employees.
  • Where can I find Sprout House LLC products?
    You may visit over 470 Walmart locations across the United States to find our products! See the map on our home screen. If you would like your local grocery store or health food store to carry our products than please send your local store contact information or have them contact us directly!
  • Wholesale Inquiries? Who should I contact?
    That's wonderful! We would love to talk with you! Please email Megan at to discuss future Wholesale Opportunites!
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